2L Stainless Steel Spray Dryer For Liquid

2L Stainless Steel Spray Dryer For Liquid
  • 2L Stainless Steel Spray Dryer For Liquid

Product Description:

Small/laboratory/micro spray dryer and it is mainly suitable for the production of micro-particle powder in universities, research institutes and laboratories of food, medicine and chemical enterprises. It is suitable for all solutions such as emulsions and suspensions. Wide applicability, suitable for a variety of materials. Because the material is sprayed into fine droplets, and then contact with the hot air medium, the contact surface area is large, and the instant drying can reach 3-15s, and the instant heating can better keep the composition of the material from being damaged.

Equipment principle:

Use the atomizer to spray the material liquid into fine droplets and disperse them in the thermal drying medium (hot air flow) to quickly evaporate the solvent to obtain a solid product to achieve gas-solid separation. The product is mostly powder or small particles.

Applicable Industry:

Spray dryer is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fine ceramics, materials, dairy products, health products, environmental protection, biological, microelectronics industry, lubricant, additive industry, etc.


Product Features:

1. Color LCD touch screen parameter display: air inlet temperature / air outlet temperature / peristaltic pump speed / air volume / needle frequency.
2. Fully automatic control: One-button startup, after setting the spray process parameters, the temperature reaches the predetermined temperature, the peristaltic pump starts automatically, the operation animation is displayed on the touch screen, and the operation process is clearly displayed;
3. Nozzle cleaner (through needle): When the nozzle is blocked, it automatically removes the blockage, and the frequency of the needle can be adjusted by itself.
4. Shutdown protection function: When shutting down, the heater is above 60℃ and the fan cannot be turned off to ensure that the equipment will not burn out due to misoperation (forcibly shutting off the fan).
5. Temperature control: using real-time PID constant temperature control technology, accurate temperature control in the whole temperature zone, heating temperature control accuracy ±1℃.
6. Finished product effect: The particle size of the finished product has a steeper normal distribution, uniform particles and good fluidity.
7. Air compressor: built-in imported oil-free air compressor, low noise, less than 60db.

Product Parameters:

Water evaporation1500-2000ml/h1500-2000ml/h
Minimum feed50ml50ml
Drying chamber diameter(mm)Φ220Φ220
Inlet air temperature-250℃(adjustable)
Heater capacity(kw)3.53.5
Drying chamber material:High borosilicate glass304 stainless steel


Product Details:


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