20L Jacketed Glass Reactor

20L Jacketed Glass Reactor
  • 20L Jacketed Glass Reactor
  • 20L Jacketed Glass Reactor
  • 20L Jacketed Glass Reactor
  • 20L Jacketed Glass Reactor

Double glass reactor double glass design, inner into reaction menstruum do stirring reaction, interlayer can pass different cold sources (cryoprotectants, hot water or hot oil) do cycle heating or cooling reaction. Setting thermostat conditions, in confined glass reactor, can use require atmospheric or negative pressure conditions conducted stirring response and do reaction solution reflux and distillation is modern Fine Chemical Factory, biopharmaceuticals and new materials synthesized ideal test production equipment.

Main features:

1. Constant rotate speed, no electric brush, no spark, safe and stable, enable continuous working.

2. Full set of glass part is produced by G3.3 borosilicate glass, owns excellent chemical and physical properties.

3. When glass interlayer connecting to hot oil and been circulated, it can do heating reaction, connecting to refrigerating fluid can do low temperature reaction.

4. Enable reaction under normal temperature, that is connecting to tap water can take away the reaction heat quickly.

5. Discharge outlet has flange mouth and PTFE valve, there has no dead angle in vessel, detachable and convenient for solid material to discharge.

6. Main body is made from stainless steel, which is beautiful and anti-corrosion.

7. Sealed by PTFE component, be able to maintain higher vacuum degree.

8. Be able to work under normal and negative pressure, negative pressure up to -0.098MPa.

9. Alternating current dynamo conducts frequency control stirring, reliable operation, large moment of force and no spark.

10. The inner core of stirring rod is made from 321 stainless steel, strengthened anti-corrosion property, military technology makes workmanship more exquisite, operation with high proficiency.        

Technical Data

Basic ParameterTypeS212-10LS212-20LS212-30LS212-50L
Glass materialGG-17
Frame materialStainless Steel
Pipe fitting material304 Stainless Steel
Move methodUniversal castors with braking
Reaction flask volume10L20L30L50L
Interlayer volume6L8L10L12L
Flange type oil in and out circulation portEnter from low port, come out from high port
Number of reactor bottle6
Discharge outlet liftoff height450mm
Reactor reaction temperature-80-250 degree
Vacuum degree0.098Mpa
Stirring speed0-450rpm
Stirring diameter of axis12mm
Stirring power90W120W
Boundary dimension (mm*mm*mm)520*520*2000560*560*2100760*560*2300760*560*2450
Package Dimension(mm*mm*mm)1370*590*800  0.65m³1480*660*810 0.80 m³1720*680*850 0.99 m³1720*680*850 0.99 m³
Package weight(KG)68808892
Functional ConfigurationsSpeed adjustment modeElectric stepless speed regulation
Electrical machine configurationLow speed reinforcement electrical machine, speed ratio 3:1
Rotate speed display modeLiquid crystal digital display
Temperature display modePT100 sensor digital display
Sealing modePTFE sealing, ¢50 flange stirring mouth
CondenserVertical high efficiency double backflow condenser , 40# standard mouth
Backflow (distillation) deviceBackflow elbow is equipped with discharge switch, 50# ball milling mouth
Dropwise adding device1L constant voltage funnel, 40# standard mouth2L Funnel
Depression device34# standard mouth reducing valve
Temperature testing tube24# standard mouth
Solid charging¢80 flange mouth with PTFE cover
Discharging methodInclined glass discharging valve, ¢80 flange mouth
Vacuum display modeVacuum meter
Stirring connecting methodUniversal joint connecting
Stirring barAnchor type and push type stainless steel bar, covered with PTFE

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